Thursday, January 27, 2011

[[[ If I could rule the world ]]]

If we could rule the world,
We will build our own stature nearby KLCC

If we could rule the world,
We will buy Manchester United because it has been in our blood since the early 90's

If we could rule the world,
We don't want to study anymore because we have all the money in the world :D

If we could rule the world,
 We want to produce our own car and make it compulsory for every family. However we will make it cheap and affordable in contrast to the price in Malaysia nowadays..ha ha ha 

If we could rule the world,
We want to ban the usage YM, MSN, and other chatting service during work like some of the personnel in ASRA!

If we could rule the world,
We want to make our own gigantic and luxurious island with the name of PULAU KERANGBAKAQ

If we could rule the world,
We want to travel all over the galaxy and leave our mark there just like USA did with Neil Armstrong [although some said it was just a hu hu :) ]

If we could rule the world,
We will build our house in the sea. Enough staying above sea level. We are living in a house below sea level :)

If we could rule the world,
We will make Transformers a reality and we'll make it as our soldier.

If we could rule the world,
We won't make the world suffer as this is what normal people is experiencing right now!

If we could rule the world,
We will make this world a better place to live in.

If we could rule the world,
We will instill the values of Islam from lifestyle to the law of Al-Quran to every muslim in this world because it is the only way to solve most of the problem nowadays such as social problem, economic suppressed by the government and many more.

We may look too imaginary in some of our dreams if we could rule the world but we can bet you we'll get caught if we mumbled what's in our mind right now. Some of our dreams in this post is just our imagination and some is true so it is up to you guys to evaluate for yourselves :)

Till we meet again my darling~ lalalalalalalalla

Kerang In The Jungle

 Welcome Again!! In this post we are going to share our journey to Sungai Chinchin last year.

Kerang bakaq with friends. Everybody is looking eager for an adventure in the jungle.
From left Qayyum, Acong, Kerang Crew and Altimet futty. Getting ready for a bash in Sg Chinchin

On the way to the river. The journey took only 30 minutes of journey.

One of the scene during our journey. It may look tempting but the river is too dangerous to swim because of its depth and current
finally, we arrived at the destination and all was clear to swim in this river

One of the Kerang Bakaq enjoying himself at the edge of the river

Well, you must be wondering what happen next right? Actually right after this picture rain poured down. First we thought it was just a small rain so we kept our camera in the bag first in case anything occurs. Guess what? The rain poured down like cats and dogs right after that. Imagine 30 minutes of journey we had to run for our life in a heavy rain. ha ha ha. What a journey. After that, we went to dry ourselves up in Acong's house. The most funny thing from this journey was 3 peoples from this journey had two weeks of hot fever and one of them was a kerang bakaq. Who was that? ha ha..well we had to keep that as our secret :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Educational Aspirations in 2011

Actually we had been brainstorming on our educational aspiration for this year since last week. Alhamdulillah with the help of Allah the most gracious we came up with 7 formulas that will be our aspirations this year step by step. Simple but vital to everyone who wants to be a success in whatever field he/she is in  :D

1.    Goals. This year we will be more specific about our goals. For example, say “I am going to get a cgpa of more than 3.50 this semester,” rather than “I would like to try my best to get a decent result.” We’ll create a plan to reach our goals, and stick to it to whatever end.

2.   Action. Goals alone have no meaning. We realised that we need to take action to realise them. InsyaAllah we won’t let our fear of “tough subjects” or “tough lecturers” hold us back. After all it is a great adventure once in a lifetime for us.

3.Courage. Courage to be different. Never fear to be different and innovative, and to generate our own ideas. One lecturer said to us during our diploma studies, “be different, and don’t try to imitate others. Following others is a path of mediocrity”.

4 Focus. Focus our time, money and energy to our goals. We’ll give our focus and energy towards achieving our goals. We won’t let other people or things distract us this year.

5.Consistency. Be persistent and work hard. “Success is a marathon, not a sprint”. From this phrase we realised that to be success in whatever we do must come with a consistent hard work. Keep an eye on the goal, and keep working towards it.

6. Analyze. Learn to analyze details. We’ll get all the facts right this time. No more ‘last minute studies’.  Studying last minute is a favourite among students and we’ll be lying if we say we did not follow this tradition during our studies in the past. However, this type of studying will only disappoint us back. This is because we’ll not be able to know our mistakes early. Always analyze every bit of details in the syllabus whether it is your weakness or advantage. Learn from a mistake is as valuable as learning something new every day.

7.Honest.No need to elaborate more. Without honesty,dependability and responsibility, the other 6 principal don’t add up too much. You just need to be true to yourself in order to realize these 6 formulas for success

Apart from these 7 principals, from Islamic point of view, hard work, pray to Allah and tawakal. These three elements are actually the most important in a Muslim’s life. Allah always gives you accordingly to your efforts. The more efforts you gave in, InsyaAllah the more you’ll get. A simple advice from us, if you don’t get whatever you targeted for, don’t be sad, don’t blame yourself, don’t blame the lecturers and most of all don’t blame Allah. Allah knows what’s best for humankind and there’s always a reason in everything that’s happening to us. Last but not least, let’s understand this phrase;
Allah sometimes hide the sun, brought thunder and lightning until we cried and wondered where is the light. Apparently Allah gives us a wonderful rainbow

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All About Me, You and Us :)

         Ok..My name is Syed Nabil Syuwari bin Syed Dziauddin.People call me Syed , Nabil or 'Ed'.ha ha ha..I'm a Perlis boy,born and bred from perlis so some people can't understand my northern style of language..unique isn't it?:) 
I can proudly say that my grandmother sharifah zawiyah loves me the most among other grandchildren.This is because I live with her since I was 10 days old till 6 years old..hehe.I have five siblings and I'm the third son in the family.I love my sister because she can understand me very much, a nice big brother and a pampered little brother..although we are like cats and dogs during our teenage days, we eventually love each other as time goes on..haha..not to forget my sweet little sister :D 
For me, the most interesting part in my life so far was during my secondary which was at  Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Derma.  
Why?? Because I stayed in the school's hostel and it was full of bittersweet memories. Being chased by our school's warden during night time was like a routine every 3 or 3 days. ha ha ha. I'm a sportsman and one of the highlight in my life is I got the "sportsmen" crown in 2006 during my time in Sekolah Derma. I love Manchester United very much and I love playing football too. This year I will represent UniKL MICET in football to compete in Karnival Sukan Siswa UniKL(KSSU 2011) at UniKL MIAT..Please pray for me and my team this year..That's all about me and if you want to know more about me.. 
Do ask me ok?? Bubye ;D

Well..this is father and mother gave me the name  
Muhammad Ihsan bin Aznan and was called ihsan since i was a little kid so there's no other chance of me being called by a "so-called famous" nickname. ha ha ha.. by the way,, I live in Damansara
Kuala Lumpur since I was actually 5 years old. Quite a long time huh?? My first education was at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Bukit Maluri and continued my studies at Sekolah Menengah Islam Al-Amin Gombak until SPM...and the rest they history..he he he..Well, I can tell you one thing only about my life..I'm an only child in the family and sometimes I'm too bored in my house to the extent that I can eat the whole ice-cream box all by myself. However, life is not that cruel actually. Allah understands every one of his creation very much as I have a mother and a father that will always love me till the end. Not to forget my set of friends that will always be by my side every time I need them. One simple advice from me life may be tough sometimes..but if we know how to deal with it and take a good example from it, InsyaAllah we'll see the bright sight of our life :) 

Our Past Glory @ Bukit Cina

Enough mumbling..this is us..just the two of us..we may look sloppy,chappy,problematic or whatever you can think negatively about us but we can be seriously focus whenever we needed to be like that. So 
don't judge a book by its cover. 
Know us well and you will know how we work :D. Last but not least, We just want to express our gratitude to our lecturer this semester Madam Syahro Syerina Syahrin for allowing us to enjoy ourselves in English classes for a change. Two thumbs up for
our lecturer :)