Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Predict the Weather ;D

You most likely turn to your local weather report to find out what the day will be like, but looking at the clouds can help too. These common types of clouds will help you decide if you should move your party inside .D

Type of cloud: Cirrus
Thin and wispy, they can appear in a variety of shapes

Most likely weather
Approaching front and stormy weather.

Type of cloud: Cumulonimbus
Heavy dense clouds in the form of mountains or towers.

Most likely weather
Heavy showers with thunder and lightning or hail.

Type of cloud: Nimbostratus
Dark, low uniformly gray clouds.

Most likely weather
Widespread light to moderate precipitation

Type of cloud: Cirrostratus
Sheetlike clouds covering the entire sky.

Most likely weather
May signal precipitation within 15-25 hours

Type of cloud: Cumulus Humilis
Small puffy clouds with minimal vertical development

Most likely weather
Fair weather. Never produce precipitation

"To Cheat, or Not to Cheat"

Cheating in exam? Have you ever came across this issue? Of course. One of the main issues in an Institution. However, we should not blame the students. Yes, they cheat and get good results from it. The question now how can they cheat when there were 2,3 or even 4 invigilator in an exam hall? Institution should concentrate more on how to prevent cheating than punishing those who were caught cheating. Our suggestion is to have a thorough check on all students before the exam. Students must be in the hall half an hour early and a thorough check should be done by the invigilators. Mobile phones and bags should be put in a special case so that students can't even look at their mobile phones even if they go out to toilet. 

           Besides that, as a student myself, I think that it is not appropriate to keep on cheating because we would not know are true potential. It may look good on our results but at the end of the day it will backfire us back as we ourselves don't realize our own mistake and weakness. Just remember the real world is not like in the institution. It needs a real man who knows the meaning of failure and keep on going forward from experiences of failing.

           Furthermore, from Islamic point of view, we think that the Barakah is not there if students cheat during exams. This is because you are going to search for jobs using your Bachelor/Diploma. Then you are going to raise a family,have children and the money that you are going to use? From the cheating of your certificate. This will go on and on until your great-great grandchildren as you have started off as a cheater. You will not lead a healthy life with your family in the future. Subhanallah.

So, wherever you are students, how hard it is, try not to cheat, try your best, for if you fail, there must be a reason. Allah knows everything. Put your faith on Allah and you will be rewarded kindly. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Top 5 Awesome Things

Hi there again! This week we are going to present to you our top 5 awesome things. Something that we really love for various reasons. ENJOYYYYYYYYYYYYY... :)

Iphone 3gs 32 gb. One that I will treasure till death come and part my soul from my body. My parents gave it to me in conjunction with my Birthday and good results in recent semester and I love it so much. Thank you Umi and Abah. Love you so much :)

My one and only Lenovo. Got it during my last semester Diploma studies in UniKL MICET. Did my final year project on this laptop and had been with me hard and good times.  Truly magnificent.

My Proton Waja. Descended upon me by my father. Loved by his son so much(which is me, of course). Can be regarded as my best friend ever. Always on my side everytime I need her since 2007. Been one of the family since 2005 and had been one of our reliable car. Been to Kelantan and Johor Bahru. Simply priceless :)

This Acer Aspire had been mine since 2008. Bought it using my MARA loan and still standing till now. Although her 'esc' button is no longer there, the keyboard is still functioning superbly. Won't overheat eventhough I did not close the laptop for 1 week and during her glory days I can even play games non-stop 24 hours. Though it is not possible now I still love my laptop as I can still use it to complete my assignments and lab reports :)

My Ed Hardy Jeans. Bought it on the eve of Christmas Sale two years ago using my own money that I've saved for about 6 months. The original price was RM1100 and after sale was RM800++ only. The main reason this jeans is expensive because it is hand-made import from US and the design on the back pocket marks the tattoo of a "Don" over there. Simply breathless. :)

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because....

Students must vote during the 'Students Election' because it is every students' responsibility to choose their leaders. one that can bring their voice on every issues to the higher rankers in the institution. It is also a good practice for students to practice their right and responsibility as voters. This is because democracy is the way people choose their leaders in Malaysia. Hence, this practice is a good way for students to experience and make a good choice in choosing their leaders. 

Here we hope that those chosen as the Student Council especially in UniKL MICET to do their responsibility as students representative accordingly. Students have chosen you as their representative thus do not disappoint the students. We as the students will give our full support to the new Student Council in UniKL MICET as long as you are voicing our necessity. Good Luck Students' Representative Council of UniKL MICET :D

A view from the recent election in UniKL MICET.

Great Leaders are Not Born, They are Made

What is leadership? To us leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. Leaders are the inspiration and director of the action. Leaders possess the combination of personality and skills that makes others want to follow his or her direction.

The question now is? Do great leaders are made? or they are born to be great leaders? Successful leaders know how to define their mission, convey it to their subordinates and ensure they have the right tools and training needed to get the job done whereas a false leader is someone who fails to get the necessary resources for his or her staff to do their job. In other way, a false leader is someone who fails to inspire the team to a greater height.

However, failure is not the end of the road. Great leaders are made, not born. They learn from trial and error and from experience. When something goes wrong, a great leader learns from the experience, puts it behind him/her and go on to achieve greater things. 

There are people who tend to have the talent to lead people but sometimes their ego is too big than this whole world to learn from mistakes and take critics seriously. Human being will always make mistakes. It is up to the individual to analyze his/her mistake and move on to achieve great things in life. The secret to be a great leader? Be positive and open your mind ; and not to forget a little piece of talent of course :D

New Sultan of Kelantan. A symbol of true leader in terms of spiritual, physical and inspiration :D

Manchester United Legends;D

For this post we are going to present the legends of our beloved Manchester United..they inspired others with their attitude and being a role model with their performance on the field.    

           Manchester United Football Club are an English Premiership football (soccer) club, based at the Old Trafford stadium in Trafford, Greater Manchester, and are one of the most popular sports clubs in the world, with over 50 million supporters worldwide. They have achieved a pre-eminence in world football by consistently producing free flowing, exciting attacking football. To achieve this they have had in their teams over the years some brilliant individual masters of the game - the Manchester United legends.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, (born 5 February 1985), better known as Cristiano Ronaldo.

       Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira, Portugal, to his mother Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and his father José Dinis Aveiro. He grew up with a elder brother Hugo, and two elder sisters, Elma and Katia. Katia works as a singer by the stage name "Ronalda" in Portugal. His second name ("Ronaldo") is relatively rare in Portugal. His parents named him after former U.S. President Ronald Reagan because he was his father's favourite actor, and not for political reasons.

Pelé good, Maradona better, George Best.

       George Best (22 May 1946 - 25 November 2005) was from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He won the European Cup with Manchester United, and was himself named the European Footballer of the Year, in 1968, his annus mirabilis. He was a winger whose game combined pace, acceleration, balance, two-footedness, goalscoring and the ability to beat defenders.He is generally regarded as one of the greatest players ever to grace the game.
         At the age of 15, Best was discovered in Belfast by Manchester United scout Bob Bishop, whose telegram to United manager Matt Busby read: "I think I've found you a genius." His local club Glentoran had previously rejected him for being "too small and light". Best was subsequently given a trial and signed up by chief scout Joe Armstrong.
Best made his Manchester United debut, aged 17, on 14 September 1963 against West Bromwich Albion at Old Trafford in a 1-0 victory. Two weeks later Best scored his first goal against Burnley. By the close of the season Best had 6 goals, and Manchester United finished second, behind champions Liverpool.

          In his second season, 1964-65, Best and Manchester United claimed the league title.
Best hit the headlines the age of twenty when he scored two goals in a European Cup quarter-final match against Benfica in 1966, and was dubbed "El Beatle" in the press.Best's talent and showmanship made him a crowd and media favourite. He was dubbed "the fifth Beatle" for his long hair, good looks and extravagant celebrity lifestyle, and even appeared on Top of the Pops in 1965.

Eric Cantona

          Eric Cantona (born May 24, 1966 in Marseille) is a French former footballer of the late 1980s and 1990s. He ended his professional footballing career at Manchester United where he won four Premiership titles in five years, including two league and FA Cup "doubles". Cantona is often regarded as having played a major talismanic role in the revival of Manchester United as a footballing powerhouse and he enjoys iconic status at the club. In 2001 he was voted their player of the century, and to this day United fans refer to him alongside Denis Law as "The King".
         After having originally come to England to trial for Sheffield Wednesday, in February 1992 Cantona joined Leeds United A.F.C., where he was a part of the team that won the final old First Division championship in (1991-92). He was also inspirational in the Charity Shield 4-3 win over Liverpool in 1992, scoring a hat-trick.
        He however left Leeds before the end of the 1992-93 season, which saw them finishing 17th in the newly formed Premier League (one place above relegation), moving to Manchester United in November 1992 for the relatively small fee of £1.2 million, much to the disgust of the Leeds fans.

Bobby Charlton - The grace of a ballet dancer, the shot of a cannon

       Sir Bobby Charlton, CBE (born 11 October 1937 in Ashington,
Northumberland) helped win the World Cup and was named the European Footballer of the Year in 1966. He is arguably the greatest English footballer to have lived. He played almost all of his club football at Manchester United, where he became renowned for his attacking instincts from midfield and his ferocious long-range shot. He was a young member of the original 'Busby Babes' and then became part of the famous 'Best, Law, Charlton' team of the mid 1960's.
He began to play for United's first team in 1956, and over the next two seasons gained a regular place in the team, during which time he survived the Munich air disaster of 1958. After helping United to win the football league in 1965, he won a World Cup medal with England in 1966 and another football league title with United the following year. In 1968, he captained the Manchester United team that won the European Cup, scoring two goals in the final to help his team be the first English side to win the competition. He had scored more goals for England and United than any other player. He also made more appearances for Manchester United than any other player, records which are still standing at the end of 2006. He is considered by many international football experts to be one of the greatest players of all time

Sunday, February 20, 2011



In Tokyo, a bicycle is faster than a car for most trips of less than 50 minute

 There are 18 different animal shapes in the Animal Crackers cookie zoo!

Should there be a crash, Prince Charles and Prince William never travel on the same airplane as a precaution!

Your body is creating and killing 15 million red blood cells per second!

The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card!

There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos!  

There is one slot machine in Las Vegas for every eight inhabitants!

The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad!

Tablecloths were originally meant to be served as towels with which dinner guests could wipe their hands and faces after eating!

Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult!

One car out of every 230 made was stolen last year!  

The names of Popeye's four nephews are Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye, and Poopeye!

The Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders!

            When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour. To photograph the event, a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second!

A Boeing 747 airliner holds 57,285 gallons of fuel!

                 A car uses 1.6 ounces of gas idling for one minute. Half an ounce is used to start the average automobile!

Animal Myths

An Elephant Never Forgets

This expression likely stemmed from the fact that the elephant has the biggest brain of all land animals — and apparently, the bigger the mass, the better the memory. Elephants are able to retain a mental map of their entire home range — we're talking an area the size of Rhode Island! Elephants also travel in packs and when the group gets too big, the eldest daughter breaks off to start her own contingent, yet she never forgets her roots. One researcher witnessed a mother and daughter elephant recognizing each other after 23 years of separation

 Crocodiles Are Crybabies

Terence Trent D'arby sang about crocodile tears in his hit song "Wishing Well," but the phrase that implies expressing fake emotion actually comes from an ancient fable that crocodiles weep while both luring and killing their prey. In reality, crocodiles can't chew, so they are forced to rip their food into chunks and swallow them whole. As luck would have it, the glands that keep their eyes moist are right near their throats, so their eating habits actually force tears into their eyes

March Hares Are Mad

The expression "Mad as a March Hare" may be foreign to many, except for those who spent a lot of time hobnobbing during the 1500s when the saying first came into fashion. Back then, "mad" meant crazy or wild, and this could certainly be used to describe the behavior that was commonly exhibited by the normally shy and quiet hare during the spring mating season (which in Europe primarily meant the month of March). Their odd conduct included boxing with potential paramours, but contrary to early belief, it was the female throwing the one-two punch

Groundhogs Can Predict the Arrival of Spring

It's the only mammal to have its own day named after it and as legend goes, every Feb. 2, the groundhog emerges from hibernation. If it sees its shadow, six more weeks of winter lie ahead, and if not, spring is on the way! The most famous groundhog of all is Punxsutawney Phil, named in honor of his hometown in Pennsylvania where he acts as the spokesperson for all groundhogs. So how much stock should you put in his predictions? In reality, groundhogs prepare for six months of hibernation by eating up to one-third of their weight on daily basis. When they emerge, they actually do respond to changes in light and temperature, two factors that play a part in determining the forecast

Birth Order Trait

Before we start mumbling about this topic. We just want to let you know that one of us is an only child in the family and the other one is a middle child..! let's keep this as a huh? so let's check what theory says about the personality of every birth trait in a siblings! :)

First Middle Last Only
Natural Leader Flexible Risk-taker Close to parents
High Achiever Easy-going Outgoing Self-control
Organized Social Creative Leader
On-time Peacemakers Self-centered Mature
Know-it-all Independent Financially irresponsible Dependable
Bossy Secretive Competitive Demanding
Responsible May feel life is unfair Bored easily Unforgiving
Adult-pleaser Strong negotiator Likes to be pampered Private
Obeys the rules Generous Sense of humor Sensitive

What the "middle-child" says : All of the above are true about me except for the "May feel life is unfair". Actually I'm a responsible person and keep a stronghold position to keep my family intact. The secrets came from my parents actually. They are sporting enough for their children to achieve their own dreams and accordingly to their talents. Well, I was not like this in the first place. During my child time I spent most of my time alone in my room because my siblings conquered the living hall. So I always spent my time drawing pictures and reading comics. However, as time grows on I get along well with my siblings because we are one big happy family :)

What the "only child" says : It's quite true. I'm quite sensitive about certain things and sensitive feelings  can lead to unforgiving thought. However, as I grew old and more mature, I can handle that feeling alone knowing that we live in a big community and sometimes you may not get what you want. Leader? Maybe. haha. Actually I like to lead an organization or anything. I love to be the head or the brain. However I really think that there's more to come from me to be a leader. In other words, I'm learning to be an effective leader. Matured? hahaha. Sometimes I think too far that I thought I'm too old for my age. Honestly speaking I can't find any of my friends to share the same thought with me except for certain people though. I always think that we can enjoy ourselves sometimes but we must always think about our future and why not? the future of Malaysia itself..As an only child I always get what I want from my parents when I was a kid and Alhamdulillah my parents are not pampering me right now. They always taught me the meaning of hardwork and sweat whenever I'm with them. I even get scolded if I'm too lavish in spending. That's why I love them soo much <3 :D

At the end of the day, Family are the ones who shape their own children. Create a nice and open environment in the family and see your children grow to be a great personality. Believe us :)

Do you think we should give monetary incentives to the KP2 students to motivate them to get better grades?


What is KP2..? KP2 is a short form of 'Kedudukan Percubaan' when students obtained a gpa of below 2.00 and KP2 means that students get a gpa of below 2.00 for 2 successive semesters. The question now is whether we should give incentives to the KP2 students or not?

The answer is a big NO. This is because merit should be the main criteria in an institution. Students must be trained to work harder to get something out of their results. This will only benefit the students itself as it will train the students the meaning of hardship and perseverance. As a result of this, students will be able to cope with the real world when their studies are over. 

Besides that, scholarship in Malaysia and MICET mainly is limited and it must be given to the deserving only. To be frank we've never came across an educational institution giving incentives to those who obtained bad results. There are alternatives other than giving incentives such as give extra motivation for this sets of students and most of all give extra attention to the students. Lecturers are meant to help students but if students themselves don't even care to help themselves, why should we give incentives to the students? This will only lead to negligent among the students.

Furthermore, KP2 students should not look at their results and moan about it thus they should take that as a motivation to work harder. Students should aware that without 'sweat' they would never get a good results. Don't make excuses such as you are a sportsmen or whatever. Divide time accordingly to your needs. Allah gives us brain to think and act. Not think and do nothing. Spent less time on imagining things and start your own act to study! There are many students who are good in sports and at the same time in their studies too. Learn from them and don't hope for miracles to happen. You build your own future!

As a conclusion, students should be aware that KP2 status is not something to demoralize them. Think positive. The real world is much more tougher in University. If students can't hold it any longer in the institution, the future of Malaysia looks bleak because we need youth to lead our country .Go on and achieve your dreams all by yourself and don't think of getting an extra incentives just because you are a KP2 students :D

ps : Failing is not the the end of the world. Failing means that it's a start of something new and hopefully big! the secret? Think POSITIVE :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Old wives 'tales

Pick up your food within five second of dropping it and it'll be safe be eat

Microbiologists at clermson University,South Carolina,tested this.They found that bacteria , like salmonelia ,can survive for weeks on carpet , wood and tiles ,and contaminates food within second of contact.

Reading in the dark ruins your eyesight

Reading in the dark can make your eyes tired , but won't damage them as it causes no permenent changes to your eyes'structure.You might get eye strain , but this goes away when you turn up the lights.

You lose most of your body heat through you head

An idea based on the sloppiest of logic - 1950s the US military exposed volunteers in survival suits to bitter conditions.The men lost most heat through their heads,but only because this was only the exposed part of their bodies.The head is no more vulnerable than the rest body.That said , you still lose heat through it , so it makes sense to wear a hat on chill day.The truth is , you lose the same amount of heat through every part of your body.Anything that's exposed will cause a drop in your core body temperature.

In Conjunction With Chinese New Year Holiday..Happy Holiday you ollss :D

Ooh you're a holiday, such a holiday
Ooh you're a holiday, such a holiday

It's something I thinks worthwhile
If the puppet makes you smile
If not then you're throwing stones
Throwing stones, throwing stones

Ooh it's a funny game
Don't believe that it's all the same
Can't think what I've just said
Put the soft pillow on my head

Millions of eyes can see
Yet why am I so blind?
When the someone else is me
It's unkind, it's unkind

De de de de de de de
De de de de de de
De de de de de de de
De de de de de de

Yet millions of eyes can see
Yet why am I so blind?
When the someone else is me
It's unkind, it's unkind

Ooh you're a holiday, every day, such a holiday
Now it's my turn to say and I say you're a holiday

It's something I think's worthwhile
If the puppet makes you smile
If now then you're throwing stones
Throwing stones, throwing stones

De de de de de de de
De de de de de de
De de de de de de de
De de de de

Thursday, January 27, 2011

[[[ If I could rule the world ]]]

If we could rule the world,
We will build our own stature nearby KLCC

If we could rule the world,
We will buy Manchester United because it has been in our blood since the early 90's

If we could rule the world,
We don't want to study anymore because we have all the money in the world :D

If we could rule the world,
 We want to produce our own car and make it compulsory for every family. However we will make it cheap and affordable in contrast to the price in Malaysia nowadays..ha ha ha 

If we could rule the world,
We want to ban the usage YM, MSN, and other chatting service during work like some of the personnel in ASRA!

If we could rule the world,
We want to make our own gigantic and luxurious island with the name of PULAU KERANGBAKAQ

If we could rule the world,
We want to travel all over the galaxy and leave our mark there just like USA did with Neil Armstrong [although some said it was just a hu hu :) ]

If we could rule the world,
We will build our house in the sea. Enough staying above sea level. We are living in a house below sea level :)

If we could rule the world,
We will make Transformers a reality and we'll make it as our soldier.

If we could rule the world,
We won't make the world suffer as this is what normal people is experiencing right now!

If we could rule the world,
We will make this world a better place to live in.

If we could rule the world,
We will instill the values of Islam from lifestyle to the law of Al-Quran to every muslim in this world because it is the only way to solve most of the problem nowadays such as social problem, economic suppressed by the government and many more.

We may look too imaginary in some of our dreams if we could rule the world but we can bet you we'll get caught if we mumbled what's in our mind right now. Some of our dreams in this post is just our imagination and some is true so it is up to you guys to evaluate for yourselves :)

Till we meet again my darling~ lalalalalalalalla

Kerang In The Jungle

 Welcome Again!! In this post we are going to share our journey to Sungai Chinchin last year.

Kerang bakaq with friends. Everybody is looking eager for an adventure in the jungle.
From left Qayyum, Acong, Kerang Crew and Altimet futty. Getting ready for a bash in Sg Chinchin

On the way to the river. The journey took only 30 minutes of journey.

One of the scene during our journey. It may look tempting but the river is too dangerous to swim because of its depth and current
finally, we arrived at the destination and all was clear to swim in this river

One of the Kerang Bakaq enjoying himself at the edge of the river

Well, you must be wondering what happen next right? Actually right after this picture rain poured down. First we thought it was just a small rain so we kept our camera in the bag first in case anything occurs. Guess what? The rain poured down like cats and dogs right after that. Imagine 30 minutes of journey we had to run for our life in a heavy rain. ha ha ha. What a journey. After that, we went to dry ourselves up in Acong's house. The most funny thing from this journey was 3 peoples from this journey had two weeks of hot fever and one of them was a kerang bakaq. Who was that? ha ha..well we had to keep that as our secret :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Educational Aspirations in 2011

Actually we had been brainstorming on our educational aspiration for this year since last week. Alhamdulillah with the help of Allah the most gracious we came up with 7 formulas that will be our aspirations this year step by step. Simple but vital to everyone who wants to be a success in whatever field he/she is in  :D

1.    Goals. This year we will be more specific about our goals. For example, say “I am going to get a cgpa of more than 3.50 this semester,” rather than “I would like to try my best to get a decent result.” We’ll create a plan to reach our goals, and stick to it to whatever end.

2.   Action. Goals alone have no meaning. We realised that we need to take action to realise them. InsyaAllah we won’t let our fear of “tough subjects” or “tough lecturers” hold us back. After all it is a great adventure once in a lifetime for us.

3.Courage. Courage to be different. Never fear to be different and innovative, and to generate our own ideas. One lecturer said to us during our diploma studies, “be different, and don’t try to imitate others. Following others is a path of mediocrity”.

4 Focus. Focus our time, money and energy to our goals. We’ll give our focus and energy towards achieving our goals. We won’t let other people or things distract us this year.

5.Consistency. Be persistent and work hard. “Success is a marathon, not a sprint”. From this phrase we realised that to be success in whatever we do must come with a consistent hard work. Keep an eye on the goal, and keep working towards it.

6. Analyze. Learn to analyze details. We’ll get all the facts right this time. No more ‘last minute studies’.  Studying last minute is a favourite among students and we’ll be lying if we say we did not follow this tradition during our studies in the past. However, this type of studying will only disappoint us back. This is because we’ll not be able to know our mistakes early. Always analyze every bit of details in the syllabus whether it is your weakness or advantage. Learn from a mistake is as valuable as learning something new every day.

7.Honest.No need to elaborate more. Without honesty,dependability and responsibility, the other 6 principal don’t add up too much. You just need to be true to yourself in order to realize these 6 formulas for success

Apart from these 7 principals, from Islamic point of view, hard work, pray to Allah and tawakal. These three elements are actually the most important in a Muslim’s life. Allah always gives you accordingly to your efforts. The more efforts you gave in, InsyaAllah the more you’ll get. A simple advice from us, if you don’t get whatever you targeted for, don’t be sad, don’t blame yourself, don’t blame the lecturers and most of all don’t blame Allah. Allah knows what’s best for humankind and there’s always a reason in everything that’s happening to us. Last but not least, let’s understand this phrase;
Allah sometimes hide the sun, brought thunder and lightning until we cried and wondered where is the light. Apparently Allah gives us a wonderful rainbow

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All About Me, You and Us :)

         Ok..My name is Syed Nabil Syuwari bin Syed Dziauddin.People call me Syed , Nabil or 'Ed'.ha ha ha..I'm a Perlis boy,born and bred from perlis so some people can't understand my northern style of language..unique isn't it?:) 
I can proudly say that my grandmother sharifah zawiyah loves me the most among other grandchildren.This is because I live with her since I was 10 days old till 6 years old..hehe.I have five siblings and I'm the third son in the family.I love my sister because she can understand me very much, a nice big brother and a pampered little brother..although we are like cats and dogs during our teenage days, we eventually love each other as time goes on..haha..not to forget my sweet little sister :D 
For me, the most interesting part in my life so far was during my secondary which was at  Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Derma.  
Why?? Because I stayed in the school's hostel and it was full of bittersweet memories. Being chased by our school's warden during night time was like a routine every 3 or 3 days. ha ha ha. I'm a sportsman and one of the highlight in my life is I got the "sportsmen" crown in 2006 during my time in Sekolah Derma. I love Manchester United very much and I love playing football too. This year I will represent UniKL MICET in football to compete in Karnival Sukan Siswa UniKL(KSSU 2011) at UniKL MIAT..Please pray for me and my team this year..That's all about me and if you want to know more about me.. 
Do ask me ok?? Bubye ;D

Well..this is father and mother gave me the name  
Muhammad Ihsan bin Aznan and was called ihsan since i was a little kid so there's no other chance of me being called by a "so-called famous" nickname. ha ha ha.. by the way,, I live in Damansara
Kuala Lumpur since I was actually 5 years old. Quite a long time huh?? My first education was at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Bukit Maluri and continued my studies at Sekolah Menengah Islam Al-Amin Gombak until SPM...and the rest they history..he he he..Well, I can tell you one thing only about my life..I'm an only child in the family and sometimes I'm too bored in my house to the extent that I can eat the whole ice-cream box all by myself. However, life is not that cruel actually. Allah understands every one of his creation very much as I have a mother and a father that will always love me till the end. Not to forget my set of friends that will always be by my side every time I need them. One simple advice from me life may be tough sometimes..but if we know how to deal with it and take a good example from it, InsyaAllah we'll see the bright sight of our life :) 

Our Past Glory @ Bukit Cina

Enough mumbling..this is us..just the two of us..we may look sloppy,chappy,problematic or whatever you can think negatively about us but we can be seriously focus whenever we needed to be like that. So 
don't judge a book by its cover. 
Know us well and you will know how we work :D. Last but not least, We just want to express our gratitude to our lecturer this semester Madam Syahro Syerina Syahrin for allowing us to enjoy ourselves in English classes for a change. Two thumbs up for
our lecturer :)