Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Top 5 Awesome Things

Hi there again! This week we are going to present to you our top 5 awesome things. Something that we really love for various reasons. ENJOYYYYYYYYYYYYY... :)

Iphone 3gs 32 gb. One that I will treasure till death come and part my soul from my body. My parents gave it to me in conjunction with my Birthday and good results in recent semester and I love it so much. Thank you Umi and Abah. Love you so much :)

My one and only Lenovo. Got it during my last semester Diploma studies in UniKL MICET. Did my final year project on this laptop and had been with me hard and good times.  Truly magnificent.

My Proton Waja. Descended upon me by my father. Loved by his son so much(which is me, of course). Can be regarded as my best friend ever. Always on my side everytime I need her since 2007. Been one of the family since 2005 and had been one of our reliable car. Been to Kelantan and Johor Bahru. Simply priceless :)

This Acer Aspire had been mine since 2008. Bought it using my MARA loan and still standing till now. Although her 'esc' button is no longer there, the keyboard is still functioning superbly. Won't overheat eventhough I did not close the laptop for 1 week and during her glory days I can even play games non-stop 24 hours. Though it is not possible now I still love my laptop as I can still use it to complete my assignments and lab reports :)

My Ed Hardy Jeans. Bought it on the eve of Christmas Sale two years ago using my own money that I've saved for about 6 months. The original price was RM1100 and after sale was RM800++ only. The main reason this jeans is expensive because it is hand-made import from US and the design on the back pocket marks the tattoo of a "Don" over there. Simply breathless. :)

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