Thursday, March 24, 2011

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election' because....

Students must vote during the 'Students Election' because it is every students' responsibility to choose their leaders. one that can bring their voice on every issues to the higher rankers in the institution. It is also a good practice for students to practice their right and responsibility as voters. This is because democracy is the way people choose their leaders in Malaysia. Hence, this practice is a good way for students to experience and make a good choice in choosing their leaders. 

Here we hope that those chosen as the Student Council especially in UniKL MICET to do their responsibility as students representative accordingly. Students have chosen you as their representative thus do not disappoint the students. We as the students will give our full support to the new Student Council in UniKL MICET as long as you are voicing our necessity. Good Luck Students' Representative Council of UniKL MICET :D

A view from the recent election in UniKL MICET.

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