Friday, March 25, 2011

"To Cheat, or Not to Cheat"

Cheating in exam? Have you ever came across this issue? Of course. One of the main issues in an Institution. However, we should not blame the students. Yes, they cheat and get good results from it. The question now how can they cheat when there were 2,3 or even 4 invigilator in an exam hall? Institution should concentrate more on how to prevent cheating than punishing those who were caught cheating. Our suggestion is to have a thorough check on all students before the exam. Students must be in the hall half an hour early and a thorough check should be done by the invigilators. Mobile phones and bags should be put in a special case so that students can't even look at their mobile phones even if they go out to toilet. 

           Besides that, as a student myself, I think that it is not appropriate to keep on cheating because we would not know are true potential. It may look good on our results but at the end of the day it will backfire us back as we ourselves don't realize our own mistake and weakness. Just remember the real world is not like in the institution. It needs a real man who knows the meaning of failure and keep on going forward from experiences of failing.

           Furthermore, from Islamic point of view, we think that the Barakah is not there if students cheat during exams. This is because you are going to search for jobs using your Bachelor/Diploma. Then you are going to raise a family,have children and the money that you are going to use? From the cheating of your certificate. This will go on and on until your great-great grandchildren as you have started off as a cheater. You will not lead a healthy life with your family in the future. Subhanallah.

So, wherever you are students, how hard it is, try not to cheat, try your best, for if you fail, there must be a reason. Allah knows everything. Put your faith on Allah and you will be rewarded kindly. :)

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